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Post NEET options

What should you do after NEET?

Till you write your NEET exam, there will be a lot of stress and uncertainty around whether you will get a seat in the college of your choice. But once you have written the exam, you can make out whether you will be able to:

a) get a seat in a Govt medical college in a city of your choice

b) get a payment seat in a college of your choice

c) wait one more year for next attempt (lose one year)

d) get a seat in a govt medical college abroad

e) give up your ambition to become a doctor

It is now time for you to decide whether you have a real chance to study in India in a decent college with affordable fees or not waste any more time and travel abroad to study in a good govt medical college and hopefully work abroad after that

Many students who were in the same dilemma as you few years back are now graduating as doctors and getting ready to do their PG in Germany, USA or other developed countries. All it took was their decision not to wait around but take charge of their destiny and decide to study abroad.

Advanced medical universities with excellent facilities have been created by many countries. They do not have the same rigorous selection process based on rote learning as in India. They believe that if you have the intention and your 12th marks and NEET marks are decent, then you could become a good doctor. They take a chance on you. Do you take the same chance on yourself?

Indian students who did not want to wait for the Indian education system have taken their future into their hands and are reaping the benefit of this decision by becoming doctors abroad, doing their PG and even working in countries abroad, though some may choose to come back.

Don’t wait for fate (and the painful Indian selection system) to decide whether you can become a doctor.

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