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Open the gates to a bright future with
International Higher School of Medicine.

The International Higher School of Medicine(IHSM) is located in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek, which is known for its wildlife trails, aesthetic art, and crystal clear glaciers.

The International Higher School of Medicine opened up its gates in the capital city in March 2003 by a decree of the president of the Kyrgyz Republic, which gave the university status of an international higher education institution.

The buildings of IHSM are the quintessence of finesse and grandeur. It showcases the power to commence a new journey, a journey for passionate medical students.

The Conventional Bishkek campus has imprinted the hearts and heads of the students, and it continues to do so, far and wide. Apart from the Bishkek campus, IHSM has structured campuses in two cities: Capital city and Karakol-city (Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan).


History of the University

The International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) was established in 2003 as part of the strategy for reforming the education system and improving the competitiveness of domestic universities. The main prerequisite for the establishment of the school was a strategy of reforming the Kyrgyz education system and increasing the competitiveness of domestic universities. This resulted in the main emphasis of IHSM administration and faculty being focused on the creation of a modern dynamic educational institution that can provide high-quality training. The International Higher School of Medicine is a modern university that is the quintessence of comprehensive infrastructure and experienced faculty members, who are nationally and worldwide recognized specialists.


We welcome you to the International Higher School of Medicine with sheer warmth and hearty smiles! We know your career path is stemmed from passion, grit, and determination, and we vouch to trace you to a path of your dreams. IHSM is one of the largest and modern medical education hubs in Kyrgyzstan. Our chest swells with pride as we declare that our university has trained thousands of highly qualified doctors who have successfully imprinted their mark in India and all across the globe. Over 2800 students have already graduated, and around 3500 students are currently mastering medical sciences.


We believe that students deserve the best, and that can be well-reflected through the modern facilities we bring to the table at IHSM. We have provided excellent conditions for students as to the best quality of education and cross our hearts to progress with each day.

With the world rapidly pacing towards advancement, we have adopted a practice-oriented approach as a top priority for our educational process. Diversified training of our students is provided by our multi-level system of education and a great variety of educational programs run by experienced faculty.

Over the last 18 years, IHSM has traced the status of excellence in medical education and the success of our students in FMGE, USMLE, and other licensing exams, which is a good hallmark of this all and a benchmark for fresh challenges.

We’re always happy to welcome you to our School! You will leave this temple of knowledge and wisdom with a plethora of recollections that will remain in your heart and heads forever.

I thank you for your choice to study at the International Higher School of Medicine and wish you the best in advancing your career development efforts as a medical doctor!





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