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Doctor Career

Can you become a doctor?

Becoming a doctor is a hugely unattainable dream for many in India.

There is huge competition for MBBS entrance exams because the number of seats for colleges that offer MBBS in India is too low while the number of applicants is extremely high.

18,72,329 students wrote the NEET exam in 2022 to compete for 91,927 MBBS and 27,698 BDS, offered through the 612 medical and 317 dental colleges.

If you are not in the reserved category your chances of getting into a college of your choice get even more extremely difficult. To add to this misery, we have an AIG (All India Quota) 15% and a State Quota of 85% for domicile students of that state

In Tamilnadu 1,42,286 students appeared for NEET 2022 and were competing for a total of 3887 Govt seats and 1390 Govt quota seats in private colleges. Only one in 30 will succeed in getting into MBBS and the next level of specialisation will have even more competition

So if you have a dream of becoming a doctor in India, you need to be in the top 3% of your class

However the scenario of studying medicine abroad is very very different. If you have a dream and the inclination to become a doctor, you can get admission and explore your ability to become a good doctor without having to score high through entrance exams. Our selection procedure is tilted towards those who memorise through rote learning and score high in exams. Are they the only people who will make good doctors?

Don’t we need to love the idea of becoming a good doctor?

Don’t we need to have empathy and care for those who are suffering?

Don’t we need to have the burning desire to contribute to the health and well-being of society?

Don’t we need to have a love for the subjects and learn through understanding and practical application rather than rote learning?

The best doctors need not be those who score the highest marks in an exam, isn’t it?

If you are keen to become a doctor, do not be put off by the stringent admission procedures and red tapism that we experience here in India. The world is open to you and there are many countries that offer better medical colleges, facilities and faculty with a far higher standard of living. Your dream of becoming a doctor need not die because of our old and faded policies.

Explore the world and become a doctor. You could even do your PG abroad and work abroad after that if you like.

Click on this link to check whether you are suited to become a doctor

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