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AGBM offers to help students when they reach out to it

Medical education in India is only for the few who clear the NEET and get into the college of their choice, and the privileged who can afford to pay enormous fees through management seats. AGBM doesn’t want you to waste money.

But are they the ONLY ones who will make good doctors? Is MBBS in India the only option for aspiring and deserving medical students? What about those who have the burning desire to become a doctor and know that they can study and become good doctors? What options do they have?

We realised that there was this huge gap between having a dream of becoming a doctor and realising it, due to the scarcity of MBBS seats and the selection process that prevents deserving students from getting the MBBS seat of their choice. 

AGBM wants to help these students to realise their dream by getting them admission in foreign medical universities that offer better facilities, better faculty, and the options to work abroad too.

Students today have an opportunity to follow their dream and become a doctor if they decide that they are willing to travel to achieve their dream.

Over the last few years, thousands of students have been able to realise their dream of becoming a doctor thanks to us.

We are backed by professionals and industry experts who have lived and worked all over the world and have built strong connections with Universities in many countries around the world. 


AGBM helps students who are seeking to become doctors to get a seat in a University abroad. If you have the drive to become a doctor and the courage to pursue it in a more advanced country and University, AGBM can help you achieve your dream at a fraction of the cost that you will pay here in India. 

Doing MBBS abroad is a dream come true for many people who have taken this courageous step to go after their medical education dream. 

AGBM is well connected to the countries and Universities that are welcoming eligible Indian students to pursue their MBBS aspirations, and the eligibility is not as restrictive and difficult as that in India.

We help the aspiring MBBS students to:

  • Identify whether they are well suited to become a doctor irrespective of their NEET ranking
  • Identify which country and University can help them best in their MBBS career aspirations
  • Help them with the MBBS application process and interview process
  • Help them with the right travel plans to reach there
  • Help them till they are onboarded in their respective University

A student with a dream of becoming a doctor should get a chance to find out whether he or she will make a good doctor. 

This is not possible purely through a marks-based or money-based selection process. In advanced countries, the selection process is completely different and is based on the level of desire and commitment of the student rather than just marks. 

Those selected by these Universities have an opportunity to find out whether the medical field is for them through a completely different education system that places emphasis on efforts, commitment, and project work. to test the understanding of the concepts, rather than rote-learning them.

We started AGBM to help such students give wings to their MBBS dream.

One need not be limited by the shortage of MBBS seats in Indian Medical Colleges due to poor policies or planning. When a student is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their MBBS dream, then the whole world opens up for him/her and their goal can be achieved. AGBM is here to help such students with their admission process for their medical education.


AGBM has built partnerships with leading Universities and organizations from across the world to help our students enroll there. We have partnered with leading providers of educational services to bring medical education to our students at affordable rates and high quality.

Maximum support is given to the students to enable a seamless admission and onboarding process. We take pride in ensuring the following:

  • Safety of our students
  • Support to get enrolment and joining the program
  • Parents’ support and involvement from the start
  • Transparency in all our dealings 
  • Available always to help our students in case of need 

AGBM has a demonstrated capability and expertise to help the students till they graduate and find their placement. We work with the best to give you the best.

Our network of Medical Universities across the world